How to get involved

The success of the ACED project depends on input from workplace stakeholders and employees with episodic disabilities, the main audiences for the tools and resources being developed by the project.

JDAPT Pilot Test

We have recently wrapped up our intial pilot test of the ACED Job Demands and Accommodation Planning Tool (JDAPT). This tool is designed to help foster discussion and problem-solving between employees with episodic disabilities and workplace managers in order to meet employees' potential needs for workplace supports. The JDAPT workbook asks about specific job tasks and potential difficulties an employee with an episodic disability might have with them.

Later this year, we will be expanding the testing of this tool. If you are interested in being notified about this further testing, please fill in the form below. If you represent an organization that would be interested in testing the tool more widely among your employees, please contact Julie Bowring at