Plain-language resources

Included below are resources written for lay audiences. These resources are about the ACED project and, periodically, about accommodating and communicating about episodic disabilities more generally. The resources include infographics, lay summaries of completed research, and policy and practice briefs about the implications of the research findings.

Photo of young restaurant worker sitting alone in empty restaurant, looking concerned

At-a-glance: ACED first-phase findings

Prior to the formal start of the ACED five-year partnership, a team led by the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) was funded to do exploratory work in preparation for full funding. During this “first phase” of ACED, team members interviewed people who could help them better understand the challenges and issues surrounding the accommodation of people with episodic disabilities. It identified seven key challenges.


a group of workers in warehouse

The ACED primer

What is ACED all about? This plain-language summary has the answers. It responds to seven questions about the project, making it a perfect handout for people being introduced to the ACED partnership.