Policy paper: Disclosure and working towards barrier-free recruitment


Inequities exist in the hiring of people with episodic disabilities. Aside from the physical, technological and social barriers faced by people with episodic disabilities, invisible barriers such as implicit biases, stigma and stereotypes also have an impact on the hiring of jobseekers with episodic disabilities and the disclosure of their needs. ACED partner Realize Canada has addressed some of these issues in a policy paper, “Should I tell them? Working towards barrier-free recruitment in the Canadian labour market." The paper, written with the support of ACED practicum student Ayesha Khan, highlights stages of the recruitment process and where along that continuum people living with episodic disabilities face barriers in seeking employment.

The paper describes existing workplace legislation and the realities of seeking work while living with an episodic disability. It also points to existing resources that support the communication and disclosure of episodic disabilities in a workplace context. In creating this policy paper, a comprehensive review of recent literature was conducted, and a list of recommendations for policy-makers and employers was developed for them to consider as they evaluate recruitment and hiring practices.

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