Planning Your Conversation About Arthritis at Work


About this tool

Having an open conversation at work about abilities and needs can help people with arthritis—one of the conditions included under the umbrella term "episodic disability"—get the support they need to continue to make meaningful contributions, significantly improve employment outcomes and reduce job disruptions. This handout, developed by the Arthritis Society in collaboration with the ACED partnership, explores how employees can start a dialogue about their workplace needs as they relate to arthritis.

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What’s included in this tool

This tool has two main sections. The first outlines key points to consider before having a conversation, such as who to speak to within the workplace, the ultimate aims of the conversation, how much to share and how to have a productive conversation that highlights abilities. The second section gives extensive tips on planning a script, with useful sample statements and responses. 

The information in this tool is available online and as a one-page, double-sided pdf that can be printed out for easy reading and sharing. 

Who should use this tool

People who have decided to share information about their abilities and limitations at work, or even disclose their condition or symptoms to their supervisor, can use this tool to plan and practice their discussion.