What do workplaces need to know to help older workers stay on the job?

Historic labour shortages are affecting every Canadian job sector. Many workers aged 50 years or more want to work longer, often beyond the traditional retirement age. However, we understand little about the different workplace support needs they may have and whether workers choose to share their needs with others—especially given the negative stereotypes that often surround older workers. In this presentation, Dr. Monique Gignac shares insights from her study on older workers’ workplace support needs and disclosure decisions.

The study was based on interviews with workers aged 50 years or older, from diverse sectors of the economy and with a range of experiences and circumstances. It highlights the experiences of older adults in staying employed and the barriers they face in communicating support needs. Results underscore what employers can do proactively to promote job sustainability across the life course.

Presenter: Gignac MAM

Event name: IWH Speaker Series

Date presented: