Worker and Organizational versions of the Job Demands and Accommodation Planning Tool (JDAPT) are now available in both English and French

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The Job Demands and Accommodation Planning Tool officially launched aworker version in English (JDAPT for workers) and French (L’OPA-ET destiné aux travailleurs et travailleuses) in March 2023. The JDAPT for workers was designed for workers with chronic conditions to learn about potential supports and accommodations specific to any challenges related to their job demands. A 9-month evaluation study is being concluded to evaluate the usefulness of the tool.

Recently, organizational versions of the JDAPT became available for those who support workers experiencing episodic conditions in their workplace. The JDAPT for organizations includes two tools:

  • JDAPT to Support a Worker (L’OPA-ET destiné à soutenir une autre personne au travail) - designed to help someone identify potential strategies and accommodations for a specific worker experiencing difficulties with their job demands.
  • JDAPT for a Job (L’OPA-ET destiné au poste) - designed to assist an organization identify job supports for a position and ways to make job tasks more flexible, supportive, and inclusive for workers.

By focusing on challenges with job demands and not medical diagnoses, the JDAPT for workers and JDAPT for organizations can help employees and their organizations support and sustain employment among workers with chronic health conditions. The tools are free to use and only take about 15 minutes to complete.

Access all versions of the JDAPT here.